Sunday, 11 September 2016

Beverage Coasters

Well, coaster has a couple of meanings like short name for a roller coaster, a type of ship or a person who resides at a coast. But we are not talking about any of these here. This post is all about the beverage coasters that are used as a stand or mat for mugs, glasses, bottles and cups. you should firstly know what is a beverage coaster and how does it look like.

beverage coasters

What is a beverage coaster ?

Coasters are the stands above which mugs, cups or glass are kept. These coasters are kept on the surface of the table. These can be of any shape like, circle, oval, square or rectangle. These are simply placed under your drink.

How to use a beverage coaster ?

A beverage coaster is very easy to use. All you have to do is to place on the surface of the table and keep your glass, cup or mug over it. Use it as a stand for your coffee mugs or cups.

mug cup coasters

Are Coasters useful ?

Some people think that coasters are of no use but actually it is not so. Coasters are very good assets that can save your furniture like table or any other surface where you keep your drinks. Your sweating glass leaves the patch on the table or any other place wherever you stand it. This can also damage your table. So, coasters are obviously beneficial assets.

Don't worry these are not costly. You can find a set of 4 coasters at a price of Rs. 500 easily in the market.

From where to buy a coaster

These are easily available online and you can find them in the local stores too. These may come in sets or single. There are different varieties of coasters such as their material from which they are built, shapes, colors and designs. You can select the one that you like. These come in numerous options. Buy a set of mug coasters for you.

This is an example of square shaped designer coasters which also serve as decorative materials.
Click on this image to view more designer coasters online.

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