Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How to tag in Whatsapp group

Whatsapp has launched a new feature which enables you to tag contact in a Whatsapp group. Don't you know yet that how to tag a friend in Whatsapp group? Ok watch this now and you can do this too. It is very simple task to tag a friend or contact in Whatsapp group. Just type @ on the keyboard and hold on for a second. The complete list of the friends or contacts will appear thereafter. Click on that contact and it's tagged. But here you can tag only those contacts which are available in that particular group. See the below image, you have to just type @ like this:

Tag a Contact - Friend in Whatsapp Group

As you will type @, the complete contact list of that group will appear. Select the one that you want to tag, click on that contact. Now, write or comment whatever you want to. Yes, really you can now tag a contact or friend in Whatsapp group by this way. Now, when you know how to tag in Whatsapp group, start tagging your friends.

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