Thursday, 15 September 2016

Rs. 500 note - Horizontal Embossed black lines

A 500 rupees note never had these 5 lines at both the edges of the note. But now when these have been marked then everyone is confused. Some also think that this note is fake. Let me clear you it's absolutely alright and you don't need to worry at all. This is not the case only in Rs. 500 note but in other notes too. If you want some deep  knowledge that why this change came for and what is the use of these black lines, then read it down. Here, you can get complete knowledge of the use of black lines on Indian notes.

Use of black lines on Rs.500 note

These horizontal embossed black lines are for the blinds. Yes, these are Brail languages which is used for blinds. Brail language is for the victims of word blindness or those who are unable to perceive written words. So, these 10 lines on each side of the note make it easy for them to identify the authenticity of the note(Rs. 500 note). I hope now you understand that what is the actual use of these horizontal embossed black lines on a note. Similar thing can be found in the note of Rs. 100 but in that case the number of lines differs.

One of my friends withdrew 5000 rupees from an ATM, out of which he found 2 such notes of five hundred rupees. He was surprised to see such difference. He was actually confused at that time. But when he confirmed this all from inside the bank, it was all OK. I heard the same from many of known and thought to write about it. This will make a very clear thought in everyone's mind that these Rs.500 notes are fine and not fake.
Now you know what these black colored embossed horizontal lines are for, then spread this news and clear the doubts.

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