Tuesday, 20 September 2016

How to Reset Photoshop CS3 to Default settings

If you want to reset the default settings of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 in PC, then follow these steps:

  1. Double click on the Adobe Photoshop icon  
  2. Then Just after double clicking hold these keys together - Ctrl + Alt + Shift 
  3. A dialog box will appear to confirm that you want to restore the default settings
  4. Click YES

Now, you have the Adobe Photoshop CS 3 with default settings.

The new Adobe Photoshop CS3 will look something like this:

If you have any problems with your settings in Photoshop, then simply perform this function to reset your settings to default. I have faced similar problems few times and this helped me to regain my default settings.

The same is the process for CS2, CS4 and CS6 also. These have been tested and work for PC. In case you feel any problem in performing this, Then try again the same process. It will surely help you to restore your Photoshop's settings to default. It helped for me and many others. So, it will help for you too if you are having any problems

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