Sunday, 18 September 2016

Earn Money Online in India from Google

Earning money Online in India is never a difficult job and that too from Google. It just takes a little time and hard work to get your first Cheque. Although there are many websites claiming to pay you money by numerous of online works but Blogging is one of the best way to earn money online in India. And why not choose it when your payment is received from the leading search engine in the World - Google. It's name is enough to give you authenticity to get money in your account. Now, without any more questions read how to do this all. Here, you will get good guidance on how to earn money online in India from Google. Blogging is that weapon which can help you earn money easily in 5 figures to 8 figures. Now, read carefully these steps to earn money online in India from google:

Steps to Earn Money Online in India from Google

Own a domain name

Buy your domain from a good domain registrar like Godaddy. Here you can have a .com domain for Rs. 199 (+taxes)

Choose a hosting for your domain

Then choose a hosting server for your website.

Get your website designed

Website designing is a tech part and maybe you can not do it yourself. So, choose a good web developer or website designing company for  a professional look and feel.

Choose a field or topic to start your blog with

It is the most important step to start with as everything will start from here. You need to think a lot on the field that you are comfortable with. You need not be the master but must have a healthy knowledge on that particular field that you opt for.

Start writing articles on your blog

Have you decided the subject ? If yes, then start writing articles and post them regularly on your website. The article must be informative for the visitors and accurate too. Keep posting the articles on your website regularly for good rankings.

Share your articles publicly

Don't forget to share the articles on the social pages to attract your visitors from all sources. This will help to increase the page visits.

Review your articles

Have you written the article that attracts the visitors? 
Do people search for the topic that you have written ? 
Are your articles accurate with no mistakes? 
Do they provide useful information ? 

Ask these questions to yourself, Do your research and analyse the content to be famous.

Increase visitors on your Blog

Following the above practices and white hat techniques will help you attract the number of visitors on your blog. It looks a bit difficult in starting but as the content on your blog site increases, it brings the visitors on your website automatically if you follow right practices and techniques. Make your blog website to attract thousands of visitors on your site.


This is the time when you know that your hard work is going to pay. Now when you know you have got a large number of visitors, put Google Ad-sense on your blog.

Now start Earning

Congratulations, now Google Ad-sense will help you pay with per click.  

Google helps you a lot in earning you money online. Just what you have to do is landing of good number of visitors on your blog. And this can be done only by writing some good informative articles. These articles should be of public interest and accurate with information, grammar and spelling.

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