Saturday, 17 September 2016

How to identify genuine and fake Rs.10 Coins

Rs. 10 Coins have become the target of mafias. These fake rs.10 coins are built with such a superiority that look similar to the genuine coins. But a little knowledge can make you intelligent to identify out the fake coins. These types of scams keep coming regularly with the national currency. But it is good to keep knowledge of such news to avoid yourself from being one of the targets. It is not very difficult to identify these differences. Also share this important information with everyone to stop this huge scam going on with our nation's currency. This can save the flow of fake currency in the market.
Here, you will read the difference between the genuine and fake Rs.10 coins.

Identification of Genuine Rs.10 Coins

One can easily trace out the original coin by knowing these differences. Read here the differences between a fake and genuine Rs.10 coins are:

  • The original Rs.10 coin has a mark of Rs. above 10. But a fake 10 rupees coin does not have sign of rupees above it.
  • Look for the 10 lines on the inner gold colored circle, if these are 10 then you have the original coin but if it has 15 lines over there, it is a fake one.
  • The words India and Bharat on the back side of the coin are written on the opposite ends in the original coin. Whereas on the fake coin, both the words India and Bharat are written adjacent to each other.

Stop flow of fake Rs.10

It has been seen that people are refusing to accept the coins of Rs.10 due to these fake coins. This simple knowledge can make sure that you are accepting the right coin. Spreading this knowledge will save the flow of fake currency in the country and help in stopping this scam. So, it's a request to you all that share this important knowledge to everyone.

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